Wholesale Alcohol Suppliers In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide

We bring select, top shelf liquors and years of industry expertise to restaurants and bars across Australia at competitive, wholesale prices.

Australia’s Premium Liquor Wholesaler

Australian owned and operated, Premium Taste is an alcohol wholesaler connecting Australia with some of the finest spirits from around the globe. With extensive industry experience, we have the expertise and industry connections to continually source and handpick the best spirits from around the world, and then offer them to you at wholesale prices. If you’re looking for high-quality liquors to sell in your Melbourne bar or Sydney restaurant, then there’s no one better than the team at Premium Taste. We supply liquor right across Australia from Adelaide to Melbourne, from Brisbane to Sydney, combining top-shelf international liquors, great customer service and the low prices only a wholesaler can provide.

Wholesale alcohol delivered across Australia

When your bar or restaurant needs an edge, then boutique, handcrafted liquor can make you stand out. In the busy social scenes of Melbourne and Sydney, party goers and fine diners are always looking for the next big thing. In Adelaide and Brisbane, demands for high quality alcohol is on the rise with customers becoming increasingly quality minded, and we are the wholesale suppliers to make sure you meet demand. Partygoers are increasingly looking to quality over quality, leading to a decline in binge drinking culture. This is not only good for health, but may in turn give rise to a bar clientele more versed in liquors and arrive at your bar with higher expectations to your products. By providing premium liquors at wholesale prices to up-market venues, we hope to help your venue get noticed.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your liquor needs and find out how we can help you offer your customers a better class of alcohol.

Want to stock our products?

Our spirits hold outstanding accolades and have successful sales all over the world. Due to their rarity, quality and limited supply, our alcohol gives retailers, bars, hotels and restaurants a remarkable point of difference. Have something specific in mind for your bar or restaurant? Contact us today for more information to see how our marketing strategies can assist you. Check out our products to see if we have the liquor you’re looking for. Don’t see the alcohol you’re looking for? Ask and we might be able to order it, or we might already be in the process of acquiring the alcohols you’re looking for!

Where can I buy alcohol at wholesale prices? 

Our top shelf alcohol and liquors will soon be available for wholesale prices in all major cities around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Our spirits are stocked in most major retailers in Australia and are quickly becoming favourites with discerning drinkers. Buying your alcohol from us means you not only get top shelf alcohol at wholesale prices, but you also get to enjoy our decades long alcohol expertise to make sure that you buy alcohol well-suited for your establishment. For a detailed list of all establishments in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide where our wholesale liquor and alcohols are sold/served (including all bars, hotels and restaurants), please contact us.


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