Cocktail Recipe: Chalong Bay Mojito

Chalong Bay Mojito

Inspired by the traditional Mojito, this cocktail brings to life the fresh sugar cane juice aroma and sour notes of citrus that Chalong Bay Rum boasts. A classical favourite that is guaranteed to satisfy at any occasion.

1.5 tbs.Fine White Sugar
30 mLFresh Lime Juice and its Wedges
1 HandfulFresh Mint Leaves
45 mLChalong Bay Pure Series
Small Ice Cubes
75 mLSoda Water



  1. Directly into the glass, add the white sugar and fresh lime juice squeezed from the wedges (throw in one or two wedges aswell!)
  2. Slap mint leaves (it brings out the flavour!) and add them to the glass
  3. Gently muddle
  4. Pour in Chalong Bay Rum and stir
  5. Top up with small ice cubes (as required)
  6. Add soda water, stir and enjoy

Try the ‘Chalong Bay Mojito’ today and let us know¬†your thoughts!

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